What? Realy? Reversal after 6,5 month use.

Hi everyone!
I just got reversal on Music Mass Reproduction License after 6,5 month use!
Also this buyer bought a PACK (Mass reproduction license) in september 2016. What shall I do to prevent a reversal now? Envato, do something to prevent it!!!
My buyer from UK.


it sounds bad. It’s a long time using.

I don’t work on Audio Jungle but this happened on Themeforest too. I’ve just got a sale reversal from September too so I think this is a backlog batch check from Envato Accountant.

I remember getting the same license from the same buyer. Maybe I’m next…

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This mass reversal!!! AudioJungle Sales Monitor

Reversal from this buyer, 6 months after sale…

This man also bought my track too, 5 October 2016 and also on the Mass Reproduction license. Now is that the return was not, but I worry that I can be one of those who will have to return the money for the goods, and I worry about my colleagues, who to suffer action from this man, I know more 10 people, Envato please check account of this man.

This man bought my track 13 Aug 2016 and 23 feb 2017 i got reversal

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Thats not acceptable in my opinion. Envato should give us authors a clear statement how and why this happened…


Envato do not give a chanse to this bad buyers ! a lof of buyer use our music long time and than just return it (reversal) . It easy way to try music for FREE ! i think reversal must be a half of price for each sides.

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Half of price? Dude just used my music for six months in their commercial purposes, and then another, and returned the money


Almost no seller would allow me to return a product I’ve bought after so long, except if there was a production defect.

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Isn’t there some kind of time limit? More than 6 months is too much.

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Have edited a few posts to remove the name of the buyer. Kept the thread open as it’s an important one, but please don’t call out buyers, staff or authors on the forums.

Sales reversals can be carried out up to six months after the purchase. The OP stated that the sale was made in September, so based on the date of this his post, the purchase was actually less than six months. However, there may be instances where a reversal is processed over six months if there is a backlog of them for Envato to get through.

On these points…

You’re right, almost no seller would allow you to return a product after six months… Envato included. But this is a sales reversal which is out of the hands of Envato. The reversal is instigated by the buyer or the payment gateway, and the money is taken from Envato automatically. They have no option to accept or decline the reversal, the money is gone. That’s the same for any payment made via Paypal and the majority of credit cards.

So although almost all sellers wouldn’t allow a refund after six months… almost all sellers would allow a reversal after six months, because they have to, and they have no say in it.

AS far as I’m aware, six months is the limit. From the examples provided in this thread, it does appear that all of them are under that limit.

That wouldn’t be very fair, although, in some instances, that’s already what happens. I.e. if you sell something for $10 and you get $5… then you’re only paying half of the $10 reversal, but it’s still 100% of what you made. If you sold an item for $10 and got $7 because you’re an Elite author… then it wouldn’t be very fair for Envato, to not only forfeit the $3 they made from the sale, but also to have to pay back an additional $2 on top of that.

Anybody that does a reversal automatically has their account blocked and their purchase codes invalidated, so they can’t buy other items and they can’t download purchased products. Sure, that doesn’t stop them having access to any items they may have already downloaded, but I’m not sure there’s any other solution.

You can find further info on sales reversals here…


Just seen this part… sounded from your original post that it was a sale in September. So yeah, the reversal was probably instigated right on the limit of the six months, and then Envato took a couple of weeks to process it. I’ve not heard of any reversals being allowed by payment gateways after six months.

My sale was:
Date: 13 Aug 2016
Invoice No: IVIP11956139
Order No: 39694347
Date: 23 Feb 2017
Credit Note No: CNIP67870
Order No: 39694347
So for more than 6 months. (6 months and 10 days)

So yeah, the reversal was probably instigated right on the limit of the six months, and then Envato took a couple of weeks to process it.

Ok, I have another purchase from this buyer 6 Sep 2016. I have to wait for reversal till 26 Mar 2017?

Just Relax and stop thinking about it - envato dosent tell you anything about that.

They could reverse it today, they might reverse it on the 26th of March, they might never reverse it… there’s no way of knowing.