I just had 7 sales reversals...in a row

I obviously just submitted a support ticket to Envato, but I’m just stunned that this could/did happen. I had 7 sales reversals of 5 different themes…in a row, all from different customers.

I don’t know if this was just a back log of sales reversals that were just processed at the same time, or what. But has anyone even had TWO sales reversals in a row, much less SEVEN? That’s $289 removed from my account in a matter of minutes.

Same thing here on codecanyon. 6 sale reversals in a row.

same here. i got 2 sales reversal :sweat:

That’s pure abuse and those users should be banned.

We got 4 in row, 110$ lost :frowning:

I had 4 sales reversal on codecanyon

So it looks like there’s clearly something going on where Envato is just now getting around to reversing a bunch of backlogged sales or something, but if this is happening to multiple people, this is an issue on their end.

I’ll update you on what I heard back from Envato, but I’d like to see if we can also get a public statement from Envato in this thread since this appears to be a wide-ranging issue.

I think this is related to Envato down issue.

I just had first reversal in 1,5 years of working on AJ. I think that this might be a system bug, something went wrong somewhere. People around start talking about reversals in the same time. This just can’t be a coincidence. Envato Team, can you please explain this matter?

Thank you!

@matthewcoxy @Enabled Do you have any explanation for this issue, please?

The last 8 hours was “Happy reversal hours” I see :joy: I had one too :confused:

They get their accounts blocked as a matter of course, so they no longer have access to their downloads.

I believe there was a backlog, so there were multiple reversals processed at the same time.

@SpaceStockFootage Thanks for getting back to us.
I don’t think this is a backlog issue because on 17 Oct 2016 I had one sale reversal but today I had 4 sales reversals. I think this is related to Envato down issue.

For the first time I also found a sale reversal for one of my tracks…

my sales also reversed in one day total 6 sales

I had one reversal too. It’s first my reversal

thats really bad :frowning:

Hey folks,

I’ve checked in on this.

Basically, this month the team from finance has processed a number of months worth of sales reversals. Hence why there might be a larger than usual volume applied to author accounts.

Ordinarily, sales reversals are processed within the payment cycle in which they are generated, however this month we were required to bulk-process them.

A lot of the team has gone home, but I’ll check in tomorrow with more details.

Just got 3 in a row. 2 different clients located in 2 different states in the US purchased 3 items on the same day - 2 months ago. Bulk-process?!?!? It starts with a Bul-, that’s for sure, but it’s something different and it comes out from the Bull’s behind.