2 reversals per day!


It’s first time for me, but I have 2 reversals today from different buyers!

Have somebody same problem today?

It looks really strange :frowning:

For the first time I have had a decrease in sales after sleep!)


Today, I have 3 sale reversal from US :frowning: but I’m from codecanyon family.


It’s so strange :open_mouth:


hmm , I once worked in a warehouse and we sold cheese , so passed a month and returned it back because this cheese is not useful . pity )))


So sad and nothing to do with that. Sale Reversal is bad.


Its strange, My fortune I have no reversal this month :wink:


3 reversals in couple of days before and 1 more yesterday… It’s too frequent…( (Videohive items )


4 reversals…
It’s so strange


Wowww that’s horrible! Was it for new transactions or old ones?


It looks like old)


@FASSounds, it was for new transactions - reversals right after the purchases, all three the same scheme…


2 reversals in a row right after purchase yesterday! :rage:
Envato promised to settle the problem with reversals but instead of this they announced guest checkout recently!
I think it will be very convenient for people who likes to make reversals after purchase…


It gets to a point where you have to start thinking about the security of your product. There is a lot of music theft going on here and I haven’t seen this much theft reported anywhere else.