3 reversals in one day!

Hey community!
I’ve just got thee reversals in one day, different buyers from Japan and Malaysia! I’m just curious if someone experiencing the same, or I’m just a lucky man)


I had a refund today, too, a customer from Japan.
The sale was on January 17th and was returned today.
I’m really sick of it.

It happened to me as well many times…

It’s not the first time I’ve had a refund either.
It just pisses me off that nothing can be done.


That’s how they steal your items, mate.

Same - 2 reversals from same person in one day.

I usually have one or two with every new item I add. The first sale, it’s a reversal sale (in a few minutes), and after a few hours, you’ll be able to find your item for free. (Customers from the United States and Canada).

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Had one reversal last month on an item bough in January. Sucks when that happens.

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Count me in, too. I got one yesterday and similar name has purchased two of my items just now and one small minute later, it happened again…


I wonder why the payment providers didn’t contact the seller or Envato before issuing a refund?. They simply return the money without proper investigation. Ridiculous.


It’s the same guy… He didn’t even bother to add fake name or something…

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Got another one from the same guy. He kind of changed the name this time. I could see the invoice and after I’m well prepared for the charge-back. It’s gonna stop when “he” gets everything from Envato. I would’ve actually given the copy to save time for everyone :slight_smile: