Mass Reversal

Hello Audiojungle authors. Today I had a very unpleasant incident. Today I had a notification of 14 reversal in a row in my statement! I checked an email for any letter about this - I have one mail about purchase by the mistake, but it’s about another item (I can’t see this item in reversal).
11 reversal from 1 client from USA, 3 reversal from another USA client. All this items was purchased on the same date (about 42 days ago), also in a row.
I checked Envato help - this is 14 Reversal, not Refund.
So, I don’t even know what to think about this. It’s very strange.
Is this a somekinf of fraud? Is anybody has similar incident?
If you have some ideas - please add it in comments.

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Looks like your items been purchased by some stolen bank card.

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Looks like it is. Envato help said what intruders use it to “warm up” a stolen credit card before making a large physical purchase or just for purchase items for themselves. I suppose that a second case, because “clients” purchase items in very specific genre Kawaii Bass only. I hope Content ID will help me prevent the uncontrolled spread of my items.
Anybody knows how much time after purchase reversal can be still applied?

The longest reversal I’ve ever had was equal to one year (that was twice)

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Horrible! :fearful:

I have 5 reversals yesterday too.
The same buyer.Don’t know but I don’t complain :cry:…I only can cry :joy::joy:
All tracks are the same Style ( Gregorian ).

I’m wondering why they buy in one genre.