Which license should I choose?

I want to buy some angular2 admin template on this site;however,
I am still confusing which license I should order even though I read your License FAQ.

I am going to build my own business service online(this is basically one domain).
For this business, I am going to build one website(for desktop users) and one mobile app(for mobile user). For this reason, I want to use the same template for multiple devices with regular license not extended. I think basically this is one end product although the template is used for multiple devices app(Desktop web and mobile app).

The website which I am building can basically be accessed for anyone. It’s like a freemium model.(Anyone can access except for some restricted area for premium users)

In the website, there is a paid service option which only paid member can access although most free users can access to most pages(70~80%). You can think this like \ premium paid member access option.

In other case, everyone can access any page in the site. but to upload some article or something, they need to pay some fee for the service. So, for this purpose, regular license is fine?

For example, I am using your template in my own website, and I want to use it for a mobile app like web-based hybrid like ionic or something like that. The website and mobile app all belong to the one business service even though the template is used for different devices. Regular license is fine in this case?

So, I am confusing whether I can order regular license for my website.
According to your license description, as long as I don’t resell or redistribute the template that I bought here, everything is fine except for some particular situation.
In my case, I think I don’t need to pay for extended license because I am not going to sell my end product as it is for webservice not package sale. what does it mean “On-demand products/services”

Please let me know exactly.

Thank you

Basically if people need to pay to access/use the site then you need an extended license.

If you plan on incorporating the envato file anyway into the premium side of your site then you will need he extended version.

In your example of a website and a mobile app - as long as both are free access the regular is enough but you would need two licenses e.g. 1 per website (assuming they are stand alone projects even if linked from same business and not just a responsive version of one site).

If in doubt ask support but this is how I would interpret it

The site can basically access for anyone regardless of pay.
For example, a website is totally free for anyone but only charges some fee for uploading something (Still this site is for free mostly 90% pages). Which license is fit for this? I think regular should be fine for this…right?

I’d say extended because the paid for access still exists but your best option is to ask support for an official answer https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

I asked about this issue and I got the answer from the author who sells the template… "For your situation, one single regular license is okay."
Also, I found FAQ about license in this website.
I am a commercial entity or run a business. Do I always need an Extended License?
No, just using the item in a commercial setting doesn’t necessarily mean you need an Extended License. You need an Extended License if the end product is sold to end users. If the end product is free, even if you are a commercial enterprise, you only need a Regular License.

Example: Even though a web store is commercial, as long as users can access the site itself without having to pay, a Regular License is sufficient.

I think even if a commercial website requires a fee for some part of pages, it would be perfectly okay if the site /product is not sold entirely . do you agree ?

Plus, I found this answer too. So, in my case and situation, regular license is perfectly okay. not extended because It more makes sense. (As you can notice, unless I use a template only in a part that requires payment to access, Regular License is perfectly okay because basically my business webservice site can be accessed for anyone regardless of paying, only except for some pages for premium users )

Which license do I need for an end product that is free, but has parts you need to pay to access?
If the item is used within the free part, the Regular License if fine. If the item is used only in a part that requires payment to access, you need the Extended License.

Example: If you were using a 3d model of a sword for a game and you could only get the sword by buying it, you’d need the Extended License. If it was the starting weapon that even non-paying users could use, all you’d need is the Regular License. https://themeforest.net/licenses/faq#license-free-a

I think this comes down to context - I do see you point and know that it has been asked several times but it completely depends on which part of each answer you take as finite.


  • That post you reference above argues it’s ok but a tthe same time you have another MOD there who disagrees.

  • Likewise the FAQ gives the sword examples but if we’ve understood you right the premium features are not (to quote the FAQ) “if it was the starting weapon that even non-paying users could use

  • And finally - under regular license -“7.You can’t Sell the End Product, except to one client. (If you or your client want to Sell the End Product, you will need the Extended License.)”

It’s your choice at the end of the day and it seems unlikely you would get called out on it. I’d still suggest maybe asking support but based on those 3 points above we’d still say extended if it were our project.

Actually, it seems that you have a bias as a seller.
If a buyer has to order Extened License because of one feature to pay although most pages(90~99%) have totally free access for everyone regardless of paying, it must be very weird license policy. I have never seen this kind of policy ever.
According to your answer, the Regular license can be used only for open source project or 100% free service like an ad landing page. For which reason, they made regular license ? extended license fee is too high. there is even no multiple license like other websites.
No matter what, No matter how, if something is confusing you and If authors(Sellers) of templates and themes say “okay” to use their item with regular license in some case, I think everything is okay. Good to go with Regular license…
Thus, in my case, I can use the regular license for my project and commercial version too… and even the seller allowed to use their item for multiple apps to apply for mobile and desktop version.

Um I don’t have any files for sale and am part of one of the biggest buying teams on the marketplace - I am not biased at all, I am merely sating our interpretation of the licenses.

Not really. If someone breaks a law once it is still illegal even if it is on one occasion or more.

No at all - I am saying it can only be sold to one client not multiple people paying to subscribe etc.

Not if it breaches the rules and license of the marketplace where it is sold

Absolutely - it’s your choice, but as you said in your reply, the site is not 100% free, and just because it’s not a policy used elsewhere or a buyer feels it’s too expensive, doesn’t mean that anyone can decide to choose to or not to abide to follow it.

I already said I doubt that you would ever get called out on it. All we were doing was speaking as someone with thousands of purchases and responding to a request for explanation.

Good luck with your project

I came up with a good solution for both of us…
As I said, my project is basically free access for anyone and there are many pages in the service site.
You are insisting that if a page which uses the paid template in the site requires to pay to access, it needs to order Extended License, not Regular. Right? (of course, the owner(Seller) of the template that I ordered allowed to go with regular license, but let’s forget for this example now)
So, I have a suggestion to resolve this issue… What if I don’t use the template in the page which used to use it before and rather replace it to my own template that I developed. According to the license policy. In this case, that page using my own template is under my own license.(of course, I am not telling the whole site is under 100% my own license which I can resell it to anyone because the site is including licensed item, which is not mine, in the site, I am pointing for explanation that the page with my own template is mine. For sure, the site is mine and my service under my control unless I don’t resell the whole site source with the paid template item) To sum up, anyone can access pages using the paid template item 100%, no payment requirement, except for some premium paid pages with my own template for premium users who paid for the paid service. Now, everyone is happy…no more license conflict. right? :slight_smile:

Good solution - that would work. It would also be good to make the paid aspect stand out.

For what it’s worth I’m only expressing my view of the license and I am certain that many buyers ignore the need for extended license, use themes multiple times and more.

In no way are our comments aimed personally at you and I agree the terms could be clearer in an ideal world.

In truth (even as a power buyer) I do sympathise with authors and envato in some cases more because you had the decency to ask the question where as most people would just go ahead and do whatever suits them irrelevant of the deal they get and the work and commitment that goes into producing the files and the marketplace.

As I said we wish you good luck with your project.

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Thanks, you too !