Which license do I need to choose?

I’m planning to purchase one theme in Envato market for the web (admin) page development, connecting with several hospitals soon. Also, customers will access the web for free, but some of the services would be charged to the customers.

  1. I’m wondering which license I need to choose between regular and extended.

  2. Also, wouldn’t I have any license issues in the future once the app is released in public although I choose either a regular license or an extended one, for example, got sued, violation of the patent, or some illegal thing happens?

This is mainly because I’ve had a bad experience with a license before, which is not related to the design template, but I got traumatized.
I’m looking forward to hearing back from you soon.

Ryan K

you can check for both of your 1 & 2 query:
if to get access of your websiite or part of the website as like services then you will need to purchase extended license.