Which licence i need if i want to buy a website for my startup?

Hello, I would like to ask here because it is not clear to me, I want to buy a product on Envato Market, it is a website with variants of home, and other pages etc. Within them there are variants of saas, and app landings, they all work for me, what I am not sure is what license I need.

My goal is: to have a website for my startup/company, I currently have 0 clients, so I want to promote my company, use one of those variants of the website to show who we are, what we do, what software products we can develop, etc. etc. Basically show the public or potential clients who we are and what we do, show some screenshots of my products that I can develop, etc. Looking for a potential client to contact me through a contact form, or by email, by phone, etc.

What license do I need to regulate or extend based on this?

Hi @bordigad,

Hope your website is fully accessible to all visitors and there is no paid access section (part or full of your website) for your paid client. Then Regular license will be fine.


@mgscoder Ok, thank you very much, I have one more question, if I want to promote a software product, and there is some possibility that there is a payment link on the website to a payment gateway, e.g.: Paypal, Stripe, etc. for the product, but ONLY to pay for access in the context of that product, not to use the website, or to pay to use something on the website.
For example, as a client I access a payment link from the website purchased on Envato Market, I make the payment, and then I go to that mobile app (another totally indepentend and separated product) and I already have access to some section, but I never pay for something on the website purchased on Envato Market

is it still a regular license?

Question 2: Can I remove the “created by ” / "made by text at the website?

Need Extended license because website context access is payable. but if you sell any product (like software or any product) then Regular license will be fine for your online store (website).

yes, you can.