Which license I should use?


I want to create a wordpress site using a envato template for my business to sell my products using a envato template. Which license I should use? The regular one is enough?

Thanks for your help

Regular would be enough


Do you need someone who will make site by your specifications?


Hi there,

I want to purchase one of the LMS themes for my business. We will be offering online courses, webinars, and downloadable products. Can we do that with the regular license? Need some guidance.



Yes, regular license would be enough for you as well

Thank you!

As an IT software vendor, I would like to develop a site using your regular license template. I will charge for my software development work. But my IT customer will use the site for the business users. Business users will not be charged for using the site. Can you confirm that Regular licenses will be sufficient for this model?

You want to use a template from here as part of a product which more than one of your IT customers use?

hmm… It is a web based project for a specific domain. The number of users would be around 20-30 through browser.

Not sure I understand “more than one of your IT customers user?” and responded correcly above

Can somebody provide some inputs on this please?