Extended vs Regular License


I had a question about licensing,

If I want to sell products would I have to buy the Extended license or how does it work?

If you’re going to sell the auto parts on your website, you can just purchase the regular license.

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What ki-themes said. If you’re buying a WordPress theme or site template to create a website where you sell products… a regular license is fine. You only need an extended license when the end user (visitors to the site) have to pay to view/use/access the Envato item itself.

So most ecommerce sites are fine with a regular license… as although the end users might have to pay to buy your products, and you may be making money using the site… nobody is having to actually pay just to visit or access the website itself.

Just to round off the example… say you made a design element with an item from Graphic River, which was included on all of your parts, then you would need an extended license… as end users would be paying to get a hold of your parts, which incorporate the Envato item.

Hope that clarifies!