Question about license I need

I plan to buy two templates from Envato market. One is HTML template which I will modify and use it as my company’s website, another is an Angular template which I will use to develop an application on top of it. I read FAQs about the type of license I need for my purpose, and threads in the forum about licensing, however, I am still confused about what type of license do I need for my purpose, and I want to make sure I don’t get into legal troubles because type of license I purchase. It will also help me to evaluate the cost too.

The HTML template will be used to build a CMS website about our company and services, so I believe this should be the regular license as the website is public, can be accessed for free.

The Angular template will be the base which I am going to develop an application on. However, I plan to charge monthly subscription for premium users when the application goes live. However, I will not be reselling the template, just create an end product base on the template and charge my users for accessing some premium features of the application. Can I use regular license for this purpose?

Can you please confirm both of my cases if regular license is enough?

Thanks a lot!

John Z

right, regular license will be fine.

No, you have to purchase extended license. because you will charge your users to get access part of your end product.


Thanks mgscoder for your reply!