Where is my uploaded project ?!


Hi guys,im new to VH.I uploaded a logo reveal project almost 8 days ago and the time bar finished almost 6 days after upload!..Now i dont see my item in my portfolio (that i still dont have!),and have not even received an email from Envato!
I opened a ticket and wrote to Envato help!,still no response!!..What is going on?!
Thanks in advance



did you check under the hidden items maybe it’s soft rejected:


Thanks for the answer…Yeah i have checked that!..Its not there!


That’s strange, my items are in the queue, nothing was changed

Currently processing uploads
Inspiring (New)
Queued for Review
Submitted 12 days ago

Cinematic Logo Reveal (New)
Queued for Review
Submitted 6 days ago

Be patient till monday, i hope you check your Junk mail?


Great works man!
Not in the junks!
Ok i will wait!..I hope i get at least an email!


It sounds to me like only the mail went missing and most probably your item got rejected. If it isn’t listed in the dashboard anymore as queued and waiting for review, then there is no sense in waiting for anything to happen.
You should better contact support to let them know you didn’t receive the email.
Also check all spam-filters etc.


Thank you very much…I have checked all of the folders of my email!..Nothing!..
I sent a ticket to help center too!,still no response!..I dont know what to do!