portfolio was sent for review seven month ago

i uploaded my portfolio seven month ago . no indicaton in my account. and i didnt get any respond. does this mean that it was lost?


This is Envato > VideoHive Item Probable Review Time

you can check your envato account dashboard, portfolio or hidden items http://prntscr.com/oeumub
if your item is rejected then you will received a mail from envato market reviewer team.
If your item is soft rejected then you will find your item at hidden item tab.
If your item is approved they you will find your item at portfolio tab.

Still any question open a Envato Author Help Ticket they would like to assist you with an official answer.



Hope you have submitted the correct form, you will get the form here:

To request access to upload stock footage and motion graphics items, you must submit a portfolio. and review time should not go so long as you mentioned in your case. So, please contact Author support and let them know.


well, my hidden items looks empty… so i guess i made a mistake and i need to upload my portfolio again?

Sorry, but the link you gave shows the review time of items, not the review time of a portfolio. And there can be no soft reject. The question was not about an item, but about the initial presentation of the portfolio for permission to download items in the future. It works like this on Vidioive :wink::v:

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so you are saying it is not possible to see if is sent a portfolio? i didnt get an answer of any kind and this is 7 month ago

The best way is to write to Envato support