how long to have footage approved?

How long does it take to have footage reviewed? I am new on this site and I can’t find any of my submitted content anywhere and have no clue if it is even online. Confusing site.

Also, how do I see my portfolio if it has been approved, I have looked everywhere and nothing.

Is the item still in your queued items/dashboard?

If not have you checked spam for rejection emails?

In your profile settings > email settings, do you have review emails ticked?

You can also share your preview here if you want unofficial feedback

The items were sent as I could not upload more videos.

Nothing in spam.

Profile settings done.

How do you share a preview?

My videos were uploaded and simply disappeared without a trace.

if it’s not still in your dashboard then it’s been rejected.

It is odd that you don’t have the email though.

If you have the video on YouTube or somewhere then you can share that link here

That’s strange. I have never had 100% rejection rate before, I usually have a good track record elsewhere.

Video is not a category I personally know a huge amount about but if you are able to share a Youtube or other preview video then there are some of the most respected authors on Videohive who are fairly active in these forums and who would be able to offer advice.

I will give it another go and see what happens, it was my first submission to Videohive and it’s a bit of a learning curve to sort it out. If the rejections are consistent then I will move on.

Also wondering is it always capped at 5 videos per week?