No response to portfolio sumbission

I filled out the form and submitted my portfolio for Motion Graphics on April 8.
All portfolio videos have been uploaded to my Youtube channel with link access (Unlisted) the day before. And i see Envato team already watched these videos on 16 April, but still no response. It’s pretty wierd…
Does it make sense to just keep waiting?
May be I have to resubmit my portfolio? Or contact Author Support?
Thank you!

Hi! The truth is for getting a response from the Envato staff it could pass months.
Some time ago somebody posted on the forum he waited like 6 months for his portfolio review.
You must be patient it could take some time.
You can post the youtube link of your portfolio here for us to see if you have the necessary requirements to get approved. These days it’s kind a difficult to enter here .
Good luck!

my wife waited 3 monthes to be approved, so be patient

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