Project review?

Hey Guys! I am new here! i am motion graphic designer who decided to sell AE projects. 2 days ago i uploaded my project to sale here, and it was successful, i received a message saying that my project will be reviewed as soon as possible before it can go on sale, it was 2 days ago, and since then i received no emails regarding my project. can anyone help we with this? thanks.

Completely normal.The reviewing times change quite a bit depending on the traffic.Sometimes you only need to wait a day and sometimes a week…or maybe even more.

You will receive an email once the file has been reviewed and if it’s accepted or rejected.

There is a queue monitor-thread where authors report their review times.

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Welcome to Videohive @buzzie114 :slightly_smiling:

Can you see your submission in your dashboard? if so, then there is nothing to worry about, it’s going to take just a few more days for your submission to get reviewed.
Here you can find the average review wait time for After Effects templates category.

Good luck! :grinning:

Tahanks. This is what i have on my dashboard.


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nothing else

Oh i found a message says “Queued for Review”

Yep, that is it. Disappearing this message from your dashboard is the sign from the review team that your item was reviewed. You should find an email from them that indicates whether your submission was approved, soft rejected, or hard rejected. Fingers crossed it’ll be the first one. :grinning: