How long should I wait?

Hi, everybody.
On April 9, I sent my first project to videohive. No answer yet. How long should I wait?
But this is approximate information. Queue time is also affected by weekend and other factors.

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What type of item did you submit? If it was any kind of template (After Effects, Premiere, Motion, Cinema 4D), it should have been reviewed several days ago. Please check your spam folder for any emails that you might have missed.

I sent an elegant slide show Ae on April 9. There’s nothing in the spam folder.

We’re currently reviewing projects submitted on or after April 15th. Either your item was already reviewed, or you never completed the submission process for the item to make its way to the queue.

In your marketplace dashboard, you should have seen a project that was Queued for Review in the right side menu bar. If there is not an item listed there, you don’t currently have anything in the queue.

What is your Marketplace or author username? I searched “Strannic7” but did not find your account.

MR, I registered for invato in January 2019, became an author and wanted to send my video files. But within a week I received an error message. Then I prepared the project in Ae and uploaded it to VideoHive on April 9, and I got a message that you have successfully uploaded the files. That’s all she wrote. May brought me to the black list or just eliminated as an inactive author? I don’t know. But it seems I’m not destined to work with you. Thanks.

I can assure you that Envato does not have a blacklist process, nor are author accounts disabled without significant reason. This situation has much less to do with ‘destiny’, and much more to do with following proper upload procedures.

I’d certainly love to help you figure out what went wrong here, but you’ll need to include some details so that I can provide further assistance.

Is “Strannic7” your authoring/username on the marketplace? If not, what is it?

Revolver, thank you for your participation. I don’t know why you can’t find me on the list of authors. Maybe because I do not have any projects and I have not yet started my account for the transfer of money. I am sending you a screenshot of my profile page.

You submitted 2 instances of the “Elegant Slideshow” project to the queue at the same time (please don’t do this – only one instance of any item should submitted at any given time). Both instances were hard-rejected on April 9th for poor quality reasons, which you can view here.

Please make sure you did not miss the email message from us. It may have gone to your spam folder, or been blocked by some other email filter? All review decisions generate an email, so a message was sent to the address you registered with.

Thank MR.