Where is Customer Support ?

I just signed in and I am very disapointed not being able to reach Customer Support. No phone number, no Email, no ticketing system, no Forms of any kind. It is a bad start.

On top of that, I already have issues with logging in.
I was not able to login for 3 days, Today I was about to fail a claim in my Bank for a refund and suddenly the Login works OK. This happened already 2nd time. Any kind of problem appears, there is nowhere to report it (perhaps expect this Forum).
I wonder if anybody else is having issues with contacting support ???

Envato support is here

Item issues are handled by authors, not envato

Try to avoid chargebacks as this leads to your account being frozen (point 29)


I do not understand what you talking about ?

You were concerned about not being able to reach Customer Support - that is the first link.

For clarity, if your issue is with an item you bought then this is handled by authors not by Envato. find out how to contact them here.

You mentioned that you were about to ‘fail a claim in your bank for a refund’. Just to warn you - doing this would result in your account being frozen, as per T&Cs. (explained in point 29)

I stated clearly: I CANNOT LOGIN
I posted a screenshot.

I have sent numerous Emails about prboelms (mainly the Login) after 4 days this is your first reply and you do not say even a word about fixing the problem !

I HAVE NO CHOICE BUT CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION (and share my bad experience)


pint 29 ? you kidding me ? here is your link:

This is a general forum, your issues can’t be resolved here. Please contact the Support via that green button and wait for their reply.

I have sent numerous requests and created ticket. after 5 days - NO RESPONSE AND I CANNOT LOGIN !