Been burned twice in the past month by Envato Developers.

Is this going to be the norm now? I can’t even get a response from envato. Purchased items, no support, no response. Asked for refund no response from anyone. Been a purchaser for a long time. Never had any problem until now.

It’s next to impossible to even find a link to report your problem to envato. I’m sure that’s intentional…

So what is my recourse? Just give up and take my losses? Move to another site?

any help?

If the author does not replay to the refund request, you can directly contact Envato Support here (scroll down the page to where it says “Submit your request” )

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Hey @Jamcojay-

@hevada’s spot on with the link to the support team. If you’ve been burned, we definitely want to know about it. If the author isn’t responding, the support team will be the ones that can help you out.

There’s a useful which will give you an overview of the refund process.

Let me know if there’s anything else we can do to help.