How Do I Email Admins to Help With Refund?

I’ve been through the forms on Envato and they don’t work for the refund I want, and the author has agreed to.

But I can’t find any way of contacting Envato / Themeforest

Does anyone know how I get hold of them?



@JeriTeam That dashboard is only for the authors. Buyers don’t have/access for that part.

@Spaice You can just follow the link to request refund:

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Thank you! Sorry so much.

How do I follow up on a request. I’ve now sent it in three times but since I can’t find the support ticket or way to email admins I have to keep raising new tickets.

On the second occassion I was able to raise a dispute ticket with supporting evidence (the author agreeing to refund), but envato didn’t bother replying and I can’t see how to find that conversation and complain.

Every time you submit new tickets it pushes things back to the start.

You must just be patient as it can take time (esp. if the dispute option is available) for envato to get the author to respond and/or investigate

But what if Envator just aren’t responding? It’s been weeks and there is no update. The author has already said Envato need to refund, and I have sent proof of this to Envato.