How to contact?

I made a purchase at Themeforest, the author confirmed the refund, also the Themeforest confirmation about the refund.
But, my wallet is still without refund, I got in touch, I’m a week without an answer

Refund took place on January 6

Useful article on this topic:

In case of disputes, you can always open a ticket to the Envato support service, they will be happy to help vamm!


did you read what was written?

The refund has already been confirmed, you did not give the refund in my wallet, how can I request a refund from the author who has already confirmed the refund?

you haven’t answered my emails for a week

The images are at the top.

I bought plugins, received the refund from the author, but you didn’t give me the refund, I sent an email and I didn’t get any response

my e-mail: (removed)

I’m sorry, I’m learning English and I didn’t translate it correctly :sweat:
The email you received from the author contains a link to tracking the refund, and you can send a ticket from there to envato support so that they can help you.

Or from here

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i already submitted a ticket more than a week

I didn’t get their answer back.

Usually, contacting the support service takes 3 to 5 days, but now it seems that the volume of cases is too large, which should take up to 7 days, but in fact the numbers may differ.

it’s 7 days
My refund was accepted on the 9th, almost 20 days without a return

In a little while it will complete 1 month and no refund

Have you checked your “Statement” page? Those emails mention that the refunds should appear there, though I’m not sure if you even have access to that if you’re not an author.

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Does not appear here

The only amount I have is $5.00 in my wallet

refund was confirmed, but my wallet did not increase

I sent 2 emails about it, I had no answer.

Even with confirmation, the refund did not happen.

I’m really sad about the support that doesn’t solve a simple problem

It most definitely should not take 20 days to receive your refund, so something must have gone wrong.

If you haven’t already, please be sure to open a Help ticket and ask them to check on the refund for you at

If you did open a ticket, you will unfortunately need to wait for their response, as all users on these community forums are regular users like you and cannot access your account or refund. The weekend just ended and support is back in full throttle, so hopefully you’ll be answered in the next day or two.

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It looks like you did receive the refund. Per your statement, the following happened:

  • You purchased “Snax - Virtual Content Builder” (-$32)
  • You received a refund for “Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress” (+$22) to account credit.
  • You purchased “WPBakery Page Builder YouTube Channel with Carousel” (-$17)
  • You received a refund for “WPBakery Page Builder YouTube Channel with Carousel” (+$17) to account credit.
  • You purchased “Social Share Buttons for WordPress” (-$17)
  • You received a refund for “Snax - Virtual Content Builder” (+$32) back to your PayPal account balance.
  • You added funds to your account from PayPal (+$41)
  • You purchased “YouTube Plugin - WordPress YouTube Gallery” (-$41)

Two of your refunds went to account credit, where you used it to purchase new items. The third refund went to your PayPal balance, and you immediately placed a new order with PayPal for $41, which most likely used both your PayPal balance ($32) and a secondary payment method ($9).

You have $5 remaining in your balance because you originally had $22 from the refund of “Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress” and then you purchased “Social Share Buttons for WordPress” on Jan 14 for $17 using account credit, leaving you with $5.

I’d suggest logging into PayPal to see how they managed the funds for that $41 transaction. But from the looks of your statement, everything is normal here.


A genuine Sherlock Holmes.

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Look, I think you didn’t read well

you are still telling me “everything normal”

i bought a $41 plugin

I asked for a refund of a $32 plugin

don’t confuse things ok?

Sorry for any confusion. My point was, you received your $32 refund, as shown in your own screenshot:


So what exactly are you waiting for? Did you request a refund for something else?

I don’t see anything normal here, a single refund that I received was $32



Yes, but I’m talking about the other refunds that I didn’t receive.

The $32 refund is this, paypal charged $2 and the total was $32

It was the only refund

As mentioned above, you also received those refunds. They are listed in your statement. But those refunds went to your Envato balance, instead of back to your PayPal balance.

Please check your PayPal history for the following purchases. If you look for the payments, you won’t find them:

  • Jan 8: WPBakery Page Builder YouTube Channel with Carousel ($17)
  • Jan 14: Social Share Buttons for WordPress ($17)

But these plugins were not free. You paid for them with account credit from your refunds of:

  • Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress ($22)
  • WPBakery Page Builder YouTube Channel with Carousel ($17)

This leaves you with $5 in your Envato account balance, which you said above that you have.