where can i find the sound for this video

hi i have downloaded the below template but couldnt find the sound in the downloaded template please help me in this

An Elite author like @Zorrin should know that crediting the music is mandatory!! Not doing so is disrespecting the music author as well as buyers. Wonder how @FASSounds feels about having their music used without any mention or credit.

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Its Envato Elements’s policy that doesn’t let VH Authors link to AudioJungle.
Zorrin is crediting/linking on his original Envato Market Item Page.

Although Envato doesn’t allow links on Elements, music still has to be credited in plain text in the description. That’s the official policy.

Elements is separated from the marketplaces, so the fact that the music is correctly credited on VideoHive is irrelevant.

The author took the time to put in a description on the Elements page, but didn’t bother crediting the music, not cool.

Of course, Envato’s no link policy is not helping, but template authors still have to hold their part of the agreement.

Oops, thanks for the heads up. Not an elements contributor, personally.

Wow thanks for letting me know this. The no link on description policy is ridiculous. Are they really want to separate the market while maybe most of the customers are coming from the banner? :stuck_out_tongue:


hah they should give a link