I'm looking for music help me!

I’m looking for this music
please help me to find this music!

An Elite author such as @ae-rocket should know that they have to credit the music, if they want to use it in their preview. It’s mandatory. Not doing so is breaking Envato’s terms, on top of being disrespectful for the music author who’s work they’re using, as well as for their buyers who do to know where to find the music that goes with their template.

You can find a link to the music in the post below

@cosmonkey may be interested to know their music is being used without being credited nor linked to.

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Oops, my bad, you’re right, must have followed the wrong link. will edit my post.

Hi! Link to music in the project. I always leave links to music in the project, so that the buyer bought this music, I believe that I help my brothers with audiojungle. Just want to point out the fact that on envato elements is not impossible to add a link to music in description.
In the description of the project on videohive there is a link to this track. :sunglasses:


You have to credit the music in your item description. Even if you cannot put an actual link, the name of the author and music title are mandatory.

The fact that there is a link in your VideoHive description is pretty irrelevant, as it doesn’t help your Elements ‘buyers’.


I can’t believe this is still a thing that is not addressed. @BenLeong You are the Elements expert right? Why are there no system to properly credit AJ music from Elements? That this the Elements authors responsibility clearly does not work.

I reached out to support about this in November 2018 and then I got told that my timing was great because there were being discussions and plans to take action to address this. Still now 4 months later when I check random Elements video templates, most of them are missing credits to the music used.

As well as those who actually remember to credit, often do not mention that the music can be found on AudioJungle. This is not obvious to all customers. Please notify those who can do something about this, AJ is clearly loosing out sales when it’s so hard for the customers to access the tracks.


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templates on elements do not contain links to music. Because they can’t be inserted!
So I leave the link inside the project.

It’s very strange that helpful links for the customers cannot be inserted to a website in 2019.

The biggest problem is that most of the video templates at Elements are missing basic credits to authors. Music authors who play a central part helping selling the templates.

Some customers might only be interested in the music in some cases, and then credits in the description is an absolute minimum.

Again, as staff stated numerous times, you have to credit the author and music title in the Elements description, even though you cannot put a link.

The issue has been raised about a year ago. We were told then that it was temporary.

Well, obviously, they lied. Or, they are so incompetent that they couldn’t come up with a solution, for this easily fixable issue.

Whatever it is it’s very unacceptable. Just the fact that authors needs to use time and effort on this is very strange and super unnecessary. That this has lasted a year is just awkward.


@MojoSoundtrack I’m not the expert on this, but I can raise it with the Elements team :wink:

I know it’s previously been on their backlog, but I’m not sure what the current status is - there’s a whole lot of work going on over there! I’ll check in with them now.

@PurpleFog Lose the attitude, please.

@ae-rocket See this guide for audio content used in video previews on Elements:

From that link:

You are able to use (in your item preview only) the preview version of any AudioJungle track available on Envato Market as long as you meet the following requirements outlined below:

  • Include the Envato watermarked preview and do not alter the watermark in any way. (Note: some exceptions apply)
  • Include the music item/track in your item preview only, not the main download.
  • In the Elements specific ‘text description’ field, clearly reference the AudioJungle author’s name, music track title and the AudioJungle ID used, as per the Audio Attribution Field (e.g: https://audiojungle.net/item/folk-acoustic/ 20255460 - In this case, the AudioJungle ID is 20255460). Note this is not applicable to stock footage or motion graphics items.
  • State clearly in the text description field that the music item itself is not included in the main download.
  • Ensure that the music item/track that you have chosen to use in your item preview is compliant with the Envato Elements Intellectual Property Requirements.
  • 90% of video templates on Elements do not credit the music at all, which is in clear violation of Envato’s own terms.
  • music authors have their work be exploited without any recognition and without their consent, as they only consented to allow VideoHive author to use their music in exchange for being credited and linked to.
  • many buyers come for help asking where they can get the music.
  • this unfair and unprofessional situation has been going on for a year.
  • staff members repeatedly told us it was a temporary setback and was going to be fixed soon.
  • yet staff have not been true to their word and have done nothing about it.

But sure, the real problem here is my attitude.