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Hi, does anyone knows which music sound file is in the following video template?
Thank you

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Hey @MotionRevolver, it looks like you forgot to credit the music used in this template. Crediting the music is mandatory, not doing so is a breach of the terms and very uncool.

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@stefkaraou @PurpleFog

We always attribute music, audio, or any other video/image source in our previews. Envato does not allow live HTML linking or provide a method for authors to provide proper attribution on the Elements platform (a major short sight on their part). But as is the case with all of our items, the audio track is attributed on the marketplace item:

Furthermore, we always include attribution to any content used inside of our downloaded items. So when an Elements customer downloads our items, they’ll still be able to find those sources via the “Read Me” file in any MotionRevolver project.

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Unfortunately, that does very little for Elements customers, as the countless similar posts have shown.

Even though Envato does not allow Html linking on Elements, music is still to be credited in plain text. While I agree with you that Envato really messed up here, video template authors still have to credit the music.


@PurpleFog Please read our revised response. Every MotionRevolver item includes a “Read Me” file to all assets used in the preview video. When an Elements customer downloads our items, they’ll always be able to locate any assets used to create the preview, whether it be audio, video, or image sources, even without the ability to link to them or display them in a proper manner on the Elements platform.

And ultimately, I 100% agree with you. Envato should provide authors with a better and clearer method of applying attribution to items that can be obtained via their own ecosystem of marketplaces.

That’s great… but not enough, or this thread would not have been created.

Also, Staff made it clear that the music was to be credited in the item description in plain text (track name by author), when this issue was first raised a year or two ago. This was supposed to be a temporary solution until their attribution system was to go live… but since nothing has happened since then, this policy remains valid.

Now, I agree that Envato is to blame for this mess. But the fact is that video templates have been generating money while using assets that are not credited, for a couple years now. This is unacceptable. It needs to be addressed, it needs to be fixed.

As long as Envato is unwilling to address this issue, authors have to.

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@PurpleFog I’m the Senior Reviewer for Videohive, and this was never mandated by anyone from the Videohive Staff. We’ve been attempting to get vital project attributes listed on Elements since it’s inception, and hopefully one day they will be implemented.

With that said, all authors should be providing attribution to content used in their items, which MotionRevolver always has for many years – even before attribution was required on the Marketplace side.

There are several shortcomings in relation to the transfer of marketplace items that existed before their transfer to the Elements platform. Unfortunately, it’s logistically unrealistic to retroactively add all attribution information to each Elements description. From a technical standpoint, the far better solution is for all of this vital information to be listed in the side bar for each Elements item, with clickable links for customers.

Even if VH authors provide the AJ’s author/track name, that won’t help an Elements customer nor will it help the AJ author, unless the customer searches those criteria on the market side.

Further compounding the problem is Envato does not allow for the navigation between Elements and Market. For example, if a Videohive author uses a music track in their item for sale on Elements, but that audio track isn’t available on Elements, the Videohive author is breaking the rule of linking outside of the Elements platform.

I think Envato is fully aware of these shortcomings, and are working on it, but I’m not sure of any timeline toward resolution.

Hi @MotionRevolver !
Authors of the AudioJungle are losing money. Very good when customers ask to find a track (on the forum) with a video. But this does not always happen and they buy another track.

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If there is no exact links to music used by authors videohive in the description of the video project, then what is the point of using these tracks and giving the videohive ?

There is a direct reference to the audio track – on market side. Again, there are a lot of shortcomings with this situation, namely the problem with Envato not allowing linking outside of the Elements platform. Therefore, if a VH author uses an AJ track that’s not available on Elements, providing the track name or author name would only be beneficial to the author or the customer if it were explicitly referenced as a marketplace item.

Envato needs to work on a method of direct attribution. In the meantime, MotionRevolver has taken several steps to apply proper attribution to all content used in the preview video. Unfortunately, it’s logistically and administratively not possible to provide an un-clickable link or author/track information to content that may or may not be available on the Elements platform which does not allow for outside linking.

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Well, someone dropped the ball then.

Here’s a link to the help section regarding using watermarked assets in Elements, it’s pretty straightforward:

There was also an official announcement from Elements staff. Couldn’t find it at the moment, but it’s there somewhere.

I agree that your technical solution would be the best option… thing is, it simply isn’t there yet, so what?

Well, then this is an issue.

Thank you!

Let them do it! We (the authors of the AudioJungle are losing money).

@PurpleFog @CleanMagicAudio

Trust me, I fully share your frustrations. Attribution is one small part of the improvements I’m personally trying to have implemented on the Elements side. All I can say is that Envato is aware of these shortcomings, and from what I understand, is working on implementing changes. However, these changes will certainly take time.

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Yup, they were told and acknowledged the issue 2 years ago. They told us they were going to fix this soon. Two years later nothing has happened and now staff refuses to even touch the subject. But if it’s just a matter of being patient, ok then.

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Did they take our tracks? Was it fast? Are they there (on the Elements) our tracks are available in video projects? Everyone is happy???

Answer: YES! Everyone is happy except the authors of the AudioJungle!

Let them also quickly organize all the links to these tracks (Envato employees who work in Elements)!!! I think this is completely true! :wink:

I support your initiative and consider it right! :wink: :+1:

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Yep, I remember that as well. What a pity that staff didn’t forward this statement to VideoHive authors and reviewers! Kind of funny thing.

Hey guys need help what sound is that

Hi @lasse3390!

You can purchase the music here:


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I wonder how you found it ?