Im looking for this song from a Stomped Opener

Hello Guys,

im looking for the Stomp Music from this Stomp Opener
Is there any way to find the Music that are used in these Openers?

I would be very grateful if someone helps me to find this music.

Lukas from Qfact

Hello Lukas,

Here is the music you’re looking for:

A veteran Elite author like @Pixamins should know that crediting the music is a mandatory requirement, even on Elements. Wondering how @FASSounds feels about having their music being used without being credited.

The lack of respect Audiojungle authors get from video authors on Elements is unacceptable. Envato is complicit as they created this situation. The results: unhappy abused authors and unhappy customers who don’t know where to get the music. This needs to change!

Hey thanks for informing!
Actually I even made one version for this project after they requested.
They credited me on the videohive items. But it looks like envato system always remove the link after it goes into elements. Surely not a good thing.

And thanks @qfact for purchasing this item! :smiley:

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Yes, Elements does not allow links. Still, Elements authors are required to credit the music nonetheless. They just have to do so without linking. Your being credited on Videohive doesn’t change the fact that you are not credited on Elements, which is a different platform.

Hi Purple, looks like there is no procedure to credit someone in Elements! I agree with you I am sure Envato team should see that.

The official requirement is to credit the music title and author in plain text. “Music: Stomps by FASSounds”.

Envato have been telling us they were working on a proper solution for this for over a year now. Looks like they haven’t been able to come up with a way to put a link on a web page in that time frame.

Thanks for the Beat :smiley:
And thanks to all who replied this fast.