Where do i find the music used in this video?


@DannySkinner crediting the music is not optional, it’s mandatory! On ELements, you are supposed to credit it in plain text with the title and the author’s name. Not doing so is a breach of the terms.

@PurpleFog, Actually, I have a link to the author indicated on VideoHive, so Elements doesn’t include it in the description, this is not a question for me. Something I don’t see any template for the Element link to the author of the music, are you exactly at the address?

Can you understand that all the authors on VideoHive have music authors listed, and the fact that they are not copied the same way on Elements is more likely a bug in the VideoHive - Elements and a flaw in the site developers, rather than the malicious intent of the authors of video templates? You can find my templates on VideoHive, and there are authors listed everywhere, many even with large banners, of course I now duplicate the text for Elements, but even in the template settings it is written that the text description is optional. But even if I specify the name of the song and the author, it will make the search a little easier, because there will be no direct link.

Of course, it’s “a question for you”. You have an obligation to respect Envato’s terms.

You are supposed to put credits to the music in the Elements description. Yes, Envato has not made it easy for you, and they are certainly to blame here. Nonetheless, when you use a music from AJ, you have the responsibility to properly credit the music. You are supposed to put the credit manually in the item description on Elements. This is the official Envato’s guideline.

Check out @Creattive items (such as this one) on Elements to see what you’re supposed to do.

@PurpleFog, Yes, this is fine, just look at the other templates and their description ;- ) Here, for example, on the first page of video templates https://elements.envato.com/ru/video-templates only 2 templates out of 24 have tracks specified, and you say this as if it’s just my problem.

Everything is fine, I added in the description all tracks, and you know what - most of them have changed name since the moment I used them in the preview, and if you Audiojungle’s authors so often they change, I have to sit and track names, to make it relevant? After all, if you change it and it does not match, it turns out that I will break the rules again. Obviously, envato just doesn’t want to solve this bug, and just wrote in the rules that we should specify the track text (although this is obviously not the way out, which follows from what I described above), and you continue to claim that this is my problem.

You can specify the track number, it always remains unchanged.

You’ve misunderstood me. I’m very well aware that most templates do not credit the music used. This is precisely the issue we AJ authors have with templates on Elements.

I’m just pointing out that, as an author who uses material from other authors in your own items, it is your responsibility to do things right. When you dismissed this issue in your first post and said it wasn’t your problem, I had to remind you of your obligations.

@PurpleFog, I’m sorry, I put it wrong, I meant that this is not just my problem, or in other words, a system problem, and not just my problem as an author. I immediately corrected my mistake, which I told you about, and of course, thank you for telling me about it. I was just a little confused that you are contacting me personally when it does not solve the problem as a whole, you need to seek changes from Envato.

When we upload projects, we also specify the ID of the tracks used, but envato does not display this anywhere, although they can easily use this method.

You also need to understand us - so we have to do a triple job - we need to specify the link to the track in the description on VideoHive, specify the track ID in a separate column, and now also the track name (which often change) and the name of the author in the description for Elements, while it would be enough just to specify the ID that would be read by the site and combine all the descriptions. I think we understand each other, I won’t take up any more of your time, thank you again.


@CleanMagicAudio, Yes, that’s right, Thank you. Again, just to clarify that all the authors specify these numbers in a separate slot when loading, just Envato does not use it