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I am new to Envato and recently signed up and downloaded a video template. When viewing the video template on Envato is has music that is obviously designed to go step by step with the video layout. When I download it there is no music within my premiere pro. So couple of questions. 1. Does the music not come with the download? 2. If it does not, is there a way to find out the song/music the author used in order to buy and input into Premiere Pro?

A great video works with the music so I found it weird that the music did not come with the download or that is was not easily listed in order to go buy. I cannot even figure out how to contact the video creator.

Help please???



Unfortunately there is no proper system currently for crediting AudioJungle music authors in video templates in Elements, so most of them lack credits.

As of now, your best bet is to copy the author name of the video and paste it in There you will hopefully find the same item as in Elements but with a credit of the music author (in most cases). If you still can’t find it, you can also contact the author at VideoHive or post the item link here and maybe somebody will help you find it.

Good luck!

thanks for the input. ya that was my first video element download and just doesn’t make sense that music that goes with the video is either not included or not easily found. sticking different music into a video can make it totally different.

Here is the video template I used if anyone can help me find the music associated with it.


Here is the track:

@vals_valley Please update your Elements items with written credits to the music you have used.

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Can someone help me find the music for this video template please?

@ScorpVFX, crediting the music is mandatory, even on Elements! You are in breach of your agreement with the music author, and you are letting your customers down.

Can someone help me find the music for this video template please?