Video Templates Music

Guys, please I need help. I have lots of video templates from Envato elementsd and they all do not have the music in them… This is not a problem. The problem is they do not include the link to the song used in the template description. This is quite poor. How do you expect us to know the songf then?

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  1. Find who author of template you liked on Elements
  2. Then find this author on
  3. Find item you liked from his portfolio.
  4. If description of item has not link to music - write your question about music to comments of this item.

I think it`s works only this way.

Video template authors have to credit the music. It’s mandatory!!

For some reason most do not bother to do it on Elements. Which is a shame, a breach of agreement and shows a real lack of respect for music authors!

This has got to stop!!


Thank you. I will try this. I think it would work.

Yes, I support the fact that the authors of the VideoHive Elements should have the ability to link to AJ music (required). To prevent the loss of direct sales to the authors AJ (from traffic Elements).

@jethroehys It is a pity that so, but you need to ask them to consider your request (somebody @BenLeong @KingDog), because you (the client) are not satisfied with it, and I think that not only you are dissatisfied with it but other buyers. Thank you for your useful remark! :slight_smile: