Where can I find this music?


I have found this video template and would love to use the music that the original artist has used…

Does any body know where I can find it… looked all over.

Many Thanks

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Hi Romlam,

I can’t thank you enough for your prompt and correct response.

Is there a specific way I can find out others, or is it purely just knowledge.

Really appreciate it.

Much appreciated.


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You should find this information in the Elements video template page. Video authors have to credit the music. Sadly, while most of them do it on Videohive, on Elements they don’t. Thus wasting their customer’s time and flipping the finger to their fellow music authors. All of this with the benediction of Envato… even though it goes against their own terms.

There is a way for you to find out though, if you’re willing to spend a bit of time investigating. The great @HoneyLoud put up a video explaining how to proceed:


Great… very helpful.

I’ll do that for the next one I can’t find as well.

Many Thanks