Locating an audio track used in a template


I downloaded this template but the music track was not included. I would like to purchase the audio track, can anyone assist me in finding it? I don’t see the information written anywhere.

Thank you

Wait a minute… an Elite author who doesn’t know crediting the music is a requirement for using music from Audiojungle?! I don’t believe my eyes!!

Not cool @efline, crediting AJ previews is mandatory! You’re making things harder for your customers, and you’re not being fair to you fellow Adiojungle authors.

Wow. I looked at several of his items. Source music wasn’t mentioned on any of them.

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Recently I came across this VideoHive item by @Egro that is using my music and there’s no link to my track. The author doesn’t even mentions my name in the description and has not answered to my PM either. Quite disappointing.

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Just seen information included in Template Features:(check details page of the video) and the Audio is this one:


If the VideoHive author is not responsive, send a DMCA! Sure it’s a bit harsh, but it’s high time Videohivers realize Audiojunglers are not their goddamn doormat!

As it is the case with most video templates on Elements. But usually, there’s nothing at all in the description. Here, they did write a description, but chose to skip the music credit. Lame!


Weeks are turning into months and months are turning into years. Still nothing is being done to address this. Unbelievable.

Hi @ADG3studios @scottwills @jamesgiroux @BenLeong @steve_lam @rosssimpson (I am tagging all of you since we still don’t have any contact person for AJ related issues, so we are forced to shoot in the dark here)

I urge you guys, if you have not, to take a quick look at https://elements.envato.com/video-templates and see how many templates have music credits in place. Most templates do not have visible credits. This is frustrating buyers, frustrating authors and are also wasting a great opportunity to upsell AJ music.

I have been in contact with support 4 times the last year asking what is happening here, and each time the answers gets more and more vague. The only information I can get is that crediting music in the upload process to Elements is being “considered” but that it’s not that easy to do this.

Well it’s not that easy for AJ authors being screwed over either. And what is there to consider? Make it happen. Ideally a link to AJ items since it’s 2019 and the technology for implementing that must exist, at the bare minimum written credits that needs to be filled out during upload to Elements.

Somebody has to be responsible for this system, and giving authors the responsibility and or changing policies won’t help much. The evidence is on the table. So please save us authors from wasting more time and energy on such a beyond awkward topic as this.

Thank you.


Actually I received a PM from a VideoHive author who uses my music in one of his Elements item kindly apologizing for not being able to provide a link to my item in Audiojungle. He tried to, but Envato is intentionally blocking direct traffic from Elements to the Markets, so he just text-mentioned the track in case a customer wants to do the search himself. Sad.

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