Can we have an Audio Jungle link to Video Templates

Could premium Market members be given the link to the audio jungle files for video templates, in a similar way to VideoHive? Many of the templates are made to the beat of the sample track and it would be REALLY useful to have the link!


Not sure what you mean by “premium Market members”, but Videohive items should have a link to the Audiojungle item used in the template. This is a requirement for VideoHive authors who want to use AJ music.


Ok, I think, I’ve figured out what you meant. By “premium Market”, you meant “Envato Elements” right?

By browsing through the video templates there, I’ve noticed that most of them do not link to the music used, or even mention it at all. This must be really annoying for buyers and definitely is unacceptable to Audiojungle authors!

@KingDog can you have a talk with the good people of Elements and tell them crediting the music is not an option, but a requirement!!


Not sure if my reply came through via my phone, but YES! I meant Envato Elements! And you are correct it is exceedingly frustrating not to have that audio link and yes the authors are missing out! Thank you PurpleFogSound for getting on it!


Ok, so I had forgotten about it, but for some reason, Envato Elements does not allow authors to put html and thus links on their item page.

They’ve supposedly been working on a solution… for months, without any results apparently.

Can someone form staff (@kingdog @Sarah_G), listen to buyers (since you don’t listen to authors it seems) and do something about it? If putting actual links is indeed impossible (why though?), can you at least enforce accurate crediting (with a URL maybe)?

How can this have not been thought through before launching, and why is it so long to find a solution? This should be a business priority!

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It’s kind of obvious?! You wouldn’t go into a tailors and be informed that they aren’t allowed to show you were the tie’s are to match your shirt.

Yes, the same rule of using preview items applies to Elements and is does in Market. If you notice authors who have not referenced the audio author, please open a Elements Help Ticket and our Help Team will contact the author.



@KingDog, any update on the widespread music attribution issue there is on Elements? This masquerade has been going on for over a year now, even though we were told by staff it was a temporary stepback that was going to be fixed quickly.

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It’s the main issue that holds me back from downloading a video template as the authors often design them to match the beat of a specific track.