To every VH/Elements Video Template author that actually credit the music

Thank you.

Unfortunately there is a huge number of Video Templates in Elements that still lacks credits to the AudioJungle author. This is breach of Envato’s policy and is of course very unfortunate for both frustrated customers and frustrated AJ authors.

So by NOT crediting the music author you are:

  1. Being in violation with the Envato policy.
  2. Forgetting that a music producer is significantly helping you sell your product.
  3. Frustrating customers who are interested in the music and sabotaging their workflow.
  4. Robbing a potential sale from your beloved AudioJungle author.
  5. Minimising Elements —> market traffic in general.

So what is the ideal solution? The ideal solution would be that Elements Video Templates had a direct link to the AJ item AND also a little tag if that track actually is available in Elements or not.

For some reason I do not see this happening in near future, based on increasing silent treatment from Envato last years. I am guessing there are some real challenges to the implementation of it all which should have been addressed long time ago and now it starts to get real messy.

Anyhows, we AJ authors started a topic yesterday trying figure out a way to explain customers how they can “work around” it and learn to find the missing music credits in Elements Video templates themselves, instead of going to the forum asking for help every single track that they cannot find a track. Which of course is a killer to any customers workflow. To everyone that helps customers find Music in Elements Video Templates

There have been an increasing amount of customers trying to find the music in Video Templates lately. Needless to say we all want customers to do business with us in the Envato Ecosystem, and frustrating them is a loose-loose situation for everybody in the long run. I have seen customers saying that they rather prefer another sub model competitor outside Envato because their time is precious and if they are interested in a music track, they want to find it quickly. It’s in most cases not about budget, but about convenience.

That we AJ authors now have to go to the step and create semi complicated “video guide instructions” to help out customers is frankly quite so sad. But if it can help a few customers here and there it’s worth it.

What actually would really work and help everybody, is if as many as Elements Video Template authors as possible schedule some hours to update your Video Template catalogue in Elements with music credits.

How do you do it? Follow this beautiful example by @Creattive :

[link removed]


Thank you in advance to everybody! It can not be mentioned enough that it is in everybody’s interest to provide a smooth workflow for our customers.


Thanks for the mention MojoSoundtrack!

I guess you are aware, but I will just add: We VH authors would love to just give the link to the AJ items in our description on Elements, but we are not allowed to. Any link is forbidden on Elements, even to other envato sites. They do not want the customer to leave elements ever, not to Audiojungle, not to Videohive.

The way I credit is actually the one we were told by envato to do it: Give Track name and author name so that the customer can find it on AJ themselves.
This is a shame as this makes it really hard for the customer. If s/he doesn’t know Audiojungle, s/he has to google first and then search for the track.

I make sure to give the Audiojungle Item IDs in my item’s metadata, although it is not used for anything right now. I hope that one day we can see some functionality to this, so that elements customers can get their sound quickly and efficiently.

However, in all my item readmes there is a clickable link to the sound. And I guess that some of the authors who do not give credit in the Elements description actually do credit the sound in their items documentation.

Many authors don’t invest the time to do any description at all, and crediting the AJ author is more cumbersome as it should be, which does result in these many items without credit, I guess.

This is a problem that is easily solved by the AJ ID system that has no use until now, but I agree with you: it does not look like any progress is made there in the near future…


Overall I agree that this is a huge issue for AJ authors, but I don’t quite like points about breach of policy (which is untrue).

My point is: if you want VH authors to coop don’t use “scary” tactics xd

p.s. each of my Items on VH has a link to AJ item and I do this from the start of my career here. As for EE I would include links/name of a track if my item was specifically created to suit the music or music plays major role in presentation not just a BG filler music.

You are allowed to use other marketplace items in your items preview only if you give credit to the author.

Even if there is no clear mention of elements descriptions, everyone honest to himself should know that not mentioning their sound is using their work without the one tiny little favor they ask for in return.

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Ha, I’ve missed this policy as I put links anyway)
This policy went live when “AudioJungle Items Used in Preview” option did appear in Edit tab?

You should do it for BG filler music, too, though. You are using the sound so you should give credit.

This policy exists as long as AJ exists, I think.

This post was updated 2 years ago, so it might be “recent” change in terms of market

It is true. Not crediting the music is a breach of the terms.

It’s not your call to decide what gets to be credited or not. If music is used, it has to be credited.

This policy has always been in place since the inception of AJ and VH.

The fact remains, that the vast majority of video templates available on EE do not credit the music in breach with the terms and specific policies. This has to change!


Believe me, I started in 2012 and the policy was already there back then. This is nothing recent. I am astound you have not heard about it. Kind of proves Mojo’s point.

This just means that this policy is poorly highlighted for authors. As I’m far not alone here. Guess that lots of authors don’t include links/names in description just because of ignorance of an existing policies. More of that I’ve never faced any notices from reviewers about this issue.

Yeah, my bad. We’ve already set this up

To me it is quite common sense to give credit. But not to everyone, it seems.

If there were no policy, you would not be able to use any music that you do not own. So why did you start using other peoples work in your item previews and thought it is okay? I guess the answer to the question is: because everyone does it.

It is good to read the terms etc and not just copy behaviour from others.

The reason I started on Videohive and not a competing marketplace was actually because of this policy.

I agree on the reviewers part, they also do not check if there is credit given to Creative Commons assets which is happening very often as well. It is not part of their checklist, I guess.

Many videohive authors don’t give a crap about intellectual property and credit where credit is due, then whine about their items appearing on pirate sites :smiley:


That’s how it was and is nowadays, unfortunately.

All my VH items are credited with links. With EE this step passed away somehow mb because of prohibition of links.

Mb more authors will get to know this issue with this post.

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Thanks for your understanding guys. I hope the topic can give some attention to the problem as well. We as AJ authors really need your help here, because what each one of you do can make big difference helping customers and AJ authors.

I am a bit surprised to see how little info there must have been sent to Videohivers from Envato about this. I was under the impression that they were working on informing/pushing VH authors about the issue already long time ago.

The issue is really big and out of control. I found Creattive’s example of how it should be done just by browsing the first page of popular Video templates here:

I might have missed something but from a quick check it looks like 1 of the 24 most popular Video Templates in Elements have provided music credit. And that template is from Creattive.

We are in a situation where we can name drop the few authors who actually credit music, while instead it should be opposite.

So please be so kind and help us here. Any attention you want to spread about the issue to other Videohivers is also highly appreciated. What is obvious for some or not obvious for others, I am sure there are many who simply do not know about the situation or how serious the problem is.


Yeah. It’s true. But unfortunately without strict regulation a lot of people just start to do what they want (not what is allowed to do).
If we look at Item Promotion Guidelines, we will notice several rules that many top VH authors breaks (And looks like Envato is OK with that):

Envato doesn’t respect their own rules. Some of them can be easily broken and nobody will say any word. It’s a very big issue because authors don’t know what is actually forbidden, and what you may ignore (because it’s outdated rule or nobody cares).
@MojoSoundtrack As for AJ tracks. We can’t place any links in description. But there is a rule that every VH author should post a text information about AJ track.
So it’s not a conversation on forum. It should be a support ticket. Every time when you see somebody brakes this rule - contact the author, and contact Envato support.
It’s a shame that Envato allows this. I think that AJ authors should cooperate and really “hunt” for such authors.

Personally, I don’t think that link in description is enough price for using a track. Sound is really important for motion graphics and it should be paid accordingly. Right now I feel like I have free access to a huge sound library. In any other situation I would be paying monthly fee.

Yes I absolutely think this is an issue for support. But believe me I have contacted them so many times. My first dialog with support was in November 2018 and then it was an ongoing project.

As for contacting VH authors directly I have also tried that with a few and did not get any answer at all. I do not have time to play music credit police with all the Videohivers who are currently not aware of/or care about the situation. Because it’s an ocean of them. I don’t think Envato has the time either. I just don’t expect anything from them anymore as I really have tried to communicate this problem. For years.

Posting here on the VH forum is the last thing we are trying. Because right now it does not look promising in terms of getting help from Envato. There are many wonderful people in support and Envato in general. It’s just someone in the top that does not want to prioritise this. So nothing happens.

So the idea of posting here is just to spread the word a little more about this issue which I think is the most serious issue we have at AudioJungle. And that says a lot :slight_smile: It’s also very unfortunate for the whole customer experience in Elements. This is the kind of topic that no one can have different opinions about, it’s just wrong. And it’s so sad it’s been going on for so long.

It’s not a surprise that one voice can’t be heard. Unfortunately if other AJ authors do not respect their copyrights, nobody will respect them either.
I don’t think so many people read forum that your voice can be spread significantly. :man_shrugging: