To everyone that helps customers find Music in Elements Video Templates

Thank you.

I have lost completely faith in Envato HQ that they really want to address this problem and violation of AJ authors. I have no intention to contact support as I have done it so many times. Empty words is not enough, if they wanted to fix this issue they would have done it by now. They simply don’t want to, or are not willing to prioritise this extremely awkward issue.

Maybe they simply want to keep customers inside Elements to support the sub model itself. Either way, of all the disrespectful actions against the authors I think the lack of crediting music authors is at number 1. It’s such a shame that I have no words to be honest. Placing the responsibility at Videohive authors does not help either.

I guess it boils down to what we can do ourselves as authors here, because years of silent treatment speaks for itself.

The only thing I see we as authors can do is actually to create a description/picture how customers can search for the music tracks themselves when they are browsing Elements (via VideoHive). And then post it in every topic that is about uncredited music.

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime…” That way they could be somewhat self sustainable in finding tracks at AJ, without the hassle of going to the forum. Which is not a very effective way to find AJ tracks.

Thoughts? Anyone who has some decent photoshop skills for a simple explanation?

I think this could at least help some customers with a work around and help them shop at AJ more then just for a single track.


Hey André, sorry man, I wasn’t quite sure I understood your idea properly. Do you mean to create a diagram to show customers how to use the Audio Jungle search features to find specific music tracks when there is no track/author name given? Such a thing would be really helpful, for sure. It could be quite a complicated diagram! The AJ search engine is certainly not an exact science! :smile:

Sorry, I’m not poopooing the idea. I can certainly give some tips on a few methods that I use to find tracks.

I’m not too clear about where it was that you had in mind to put the instructions. Do you mean, here on the market forums in a dedicated thread? Or a picture hosted somewhere on the web that can be linked to every time a relevant post pops up?

It’d be quite an interesting topic title if it was being honest: “Envato refuses to provide any mandatory means, or police their rule to credit Audio Jungle musicians for tracks used in video trailers in Elements. So here are some instructions, provided by Audio Jungle authors, to help you find them using features from the bamboozling eyesore which is the Audio Jungle search engine, for those times when the video authors just can’t be bothered to plain-text-credit them in the video description.”
I guess the subtler: “Instructions to help you find specific tracks on Audio Jungle.” would be more customer-friendly…


:joy: Amazing diagram!

I also like your topic titles. Honestly I have not thought about this in depth, I just think it’s about time to do something to educate customers since nothing is going to happen from Envato’s side as far as the eye can see.

I did probably not explain the idea very well, but it’s just about explaining to customers how WE find tracks that are not credited in Elements templates.

So maybe you need 3 pictures with red arrows or something, 1 picture that explains where to copy paste the Elements Video Template title, 1 picture that shows and where you paste the title and 1 picture that shows where in the Videohive item description you usually find AudioJungle credits. Like really impossible to misunderstand type of guide.

I know it’s not ideal and quite sad, but I cannot think of any better idea then trying to teach customers the trick. Imagine yourself in the shoes of the customer, you cannot find the title of the track you want. You have already been to the forum asking for help, you got help, but it took some time. Next time you remember that it was a tedious process so you might not do it. Most people also don’t like the “bother” others with their problems.

I think over time some customers could learn how to find tracks themselves and help support AudioJungle with a purchase here and there. It’s a drop in the ocean yes… but I think it’s better then just serving people the tracks alone. Ideally give them the track and a link to a topic where everything is thoroughly explained how to find tracks yourself.

Maybe we can even make it like a fun game, like a treasure map. Get everyone excited :rofl: We could pitch the game to Collis and see if he would like to participate in the challenge.


Hi Mojo! What do you mean? Audiotrack put on the video Elements? And this track was taken from an AudioJungle (which is not on the audio Elements)? Did I understand correctly?

In that case, who allowed to upload our tracks to another market (called Elements)? In my opinion, is this only available for VideoHive? Or I’m wrong?

Ahaa!! Thanks for the tip! :sweat_smile:
See, I didn’t even think to check Videohive for a link in the one I found earlier today!
(I just searched Audio Jungle for stomp and clap tracks and refined the search to 18-20 seconds. Luckily, I found it on page 1.)

Hey CMA. As far as I understand it, the problem is this:
Many Videohive items that were ported over to Elements feature music from Audio Jungle in their trailer. This is allowed on Videohive as long as the watermarked audio preview is used and a HTML link to the Audio Jungle item is provided in the video description.
But on Elements, it seems that HTML links are forbidden in the item descriptions. Envato’s solution to this was for Elements video authors to credit the music with plain text. Envato don’t seem to care about the issue, because they have done nothing to enforce this rule on Elements.
It’s unclear whether Videohive/Elements authors are even aware that there is an issue.

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@criskcracker Happy to help with an easier alternative! So I guess a guide could serve purpose both for customers and authors who want to help, not everyone knows that going through Videohive is the easiest route normally.

Hi @CleanMagicAudio Basically I am just suggesting that we create a “super easy guide” for customers if they want to play detective and find the tracks in Elements video template that does not have music credits.

Like if I am a customer, you could for example find the track for me and give a link to a topic which explains how the customer could find the music themselves (without going to forum every time they discover template without music credits)

Hope that is more clear! Basically we just need someone who can explain it very easy with pictures I think. And then make a new topic with those pictures. I can do it, but ideally someone who can make it look at bit nice.


We could also extend the help for customers who are not from Elements. Many threads pop up where the customer has lost the preview file, or aren’t aware that you can search for tracks using only the track id number…

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Yes thats a great idea! A topic with a few simple guides for finding tracks both in AJ with track ID number and the Elements Video Template mystery

I understood you. Unfortunately I’m not an painter, and I don’t have friends of painters :slight_smile: In fact, we don’t have to design hints that Envato cynically ignored so that customers simply find what they need.

On the other hand, if you understood my idea earlier .That no one allowed in the video Elements and even in Envato no one created such rules as putting audio from the AJ and at the same time there was no benefit to the music author and no mention.

You will laugh but even in the cheapest films they mention the name of the composer. :wink:

Here (or there) or here and there (Elements and Envato) :rofl:, apparently this is not available. That is, there will be no advertising, but you can use the tracks. I have not seen this in the rules.

Essentially: if links from audio Elements to AJ are still not given, then the author has the right to prohibit the use of his tracks for VideoHiveRS.There is no mention of the author, so there is no talk of using tracks with a watermark on Elements.

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Trouble is, if we make the topic and it falls too far down the listing before getting bumped, @unlockdesign will come along and axe it! :grin:

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I’ve done an explainer screen record video. The first part is ugly, I’ll redo when I’ll have more time and if you see a grammar mistake please feel free to correct it. :slight_smile:
And if you like this video we can keep it but if you don’t like it no problem. :woman_shrugging: I’ll post in a moment but first I need to upload it to somewhere.



Perfect! Video is even better.

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Hi @HoneyLoud! Please make a description for this video so that each buyer can translate it into their own language. :wink: Otherwise, no one will understand anything. :wink:



Ok, the draft version it’s here. The first part is ugly and I even made a spelling mistake because I have to hurry somewhere, but I’ll correct it, and please if you have anything to add it or modify just PM or tell me here. :grin: The 4k version will be available in a moment, is processing now.


0:42 :laughing: Love it!!

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I’ll mask out that :smiley:

Keep it in! It’s a good example of what people should be doing every time they see that thing! :smiley:

It’s probably better to open Elements site in the video so that everyone understands for sure.

@HoneyLoud This is great! And yes definitely keep the little trick how to X out the Elements banner as well :slight_smile:

This is not how I have been doing it, but I think your way is more accurate so probably much better.

I agree maybe it would be better to show an Elements link being copied first, and then to google to find Videohive item?

Like in the description in the beginning you could write something like:

  1. Copy+Paste the item title from Envato Elements video item.
  2. Go to Google and paste the title + author name + Videohive
  3. Scroll down in the Videohive item description and click on the music link to AudioJungle.

It’s a bit more complicated then I thought to do this process accurately, but I think it’s a good idea to make a “bulletproof” recipe.

If you have the time and energy to edit it it would be excellent :slight_smile: You can also maybe wait for some more feedback from other authors. Sometimes several heads are thinking better… It should ideally be as easy to understand as possible.