Video Template Preview Musics

Hello all!

I have been downloading Apple Motion and FcpX templates but figured that they don’t include the musics that are advertised with. So I am willing to buy the music when you hear while previewing the templates before buying. Is there any way to find those songs/musics? As I mentioned, I am willing to pay what it takes. (I did message to couple authors but no answer)


When VideoHive authors use music previews from Audiojungle in their own video previews, they have to credit and link to the AJ item. Not doing so is a lack of respect fro the music author as well as for their buyers, and simply is not permitted.

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Hi. The link to the music you need must be in item description. That´s what every video author should do when an item is submitted. But if this is not so, try to contact directly to the author of the video template by mail, writing a message on the author´s profile page.

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Thanks for the replies guys. Most video previews DON’T have the link to the music and I believe this has to be made REQUIRED for the authors. I will report those profiles and see if the envato team will take an action.

It is a requirement. But it’s not properly enforced on Elements (I’m guessing this is where you found your templates).

Supposedly, Envato staff has been discussing this issue for about a year. They haven’t been able to come up with a solution yet.

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Yes true, I’m looking for them on Elements. It really does suck. It just means nothing to me without the music syncing with video template :confused:

Please do complain to Elements support. They don’t listen to authors, maybe buyers have better chance.

You can usually find the link to the music by looking up the Elements item’s author on VideoHive, find the same item on VideoHive, there the music is most likely credited.