How Do I Find Audio Track In Video Templates When Its Not Credited

Im new to envato elements and came across a video template that i was interested in downloading. After loading it up i realized there is no audio. The same audio that complimented the video in the first place wasnt included. If anyone can find this song Also how do i find tracks myself. i dont want to have to keep posting on forums just to have others find music for me. What is the process of finding the music. Thank You.

Here’s the link for music. How to find music yourself? You copy item’s name, go to, paste it into the search field, find the item and then look into description. On Videohive authors MUST credit music used in preview, on Elements they don’t. This situation creates questions and troubles everytime, but alas, as of now it is what it is.

This is absolutely not true! Music must be credited whether it’s on Videohive or Elements. Those who do not are breaching the terms.

I know, but VH say they are not allowed to put links into description, so it makes no difference to look for a specific item on VH or specific track on AJ (if it’s credited it plain text). Despite all ours (mine, yours and others) concerns Elements authors ignore those terms, and Envato does nothing about it. Wich leads to a conclusion: these terms are declarative, if there’s no penalty for breaching, they mean nothing. Sad but true.

Sad indeed…

There was a thread dedicated to this issue recently. Have a look here if you’re interested:

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Thanks so much i manage i always wondered how to find it. Great help!

Text descriptions for audio in Elements are automatically generated, and videos don’t have any text at all. Authors can’t display the information even if they want to.

Envato staff said VH authors had to credit the music in plain text in the description on Elements. I am not making this up. Some VH authors have done just that. You can check out @Creattive portfolio on Elements to see how it’s supposed to be done.

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I see. I stand corrected. All the video on Elements I checked had no text at all.

That’s precisely the problem.

So few of them actually do things by the rules, I totally understand how you could have made that assumption.

For Motion Graphics and Stock Footage (i.e. no templates) envato created another obstacle for descriptions on Elements.

While these categories are automatically put on Elements after being uploaded to videohive, the upload form for those categories does not have the text box for the elements description. This text box is only available in the old uploader we still use for templates.

Video footage authors have to edit all their items after they got approved to include any description on Elements. Most of them simply forget it or don’t want to put in that extra time, given that some authors upload hundreds of videos each month.

Of course credit is necessary here, but envato made it extra cumbersome for these categories.

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