How to locate music for Envato Elements premiere template?

How do I locate music used with an Envato Elements Premiere template? I don’t see reference links to music used on Envato Elements like on Videohive.

For example, I don’t see one on this template…

The music should be credited on Elements as well. It such a shame that so many authors don’t even bother to credit their fellow music authors. It’s a shame and it’s also a breach of Envato’s terms.

A veteran author such as @MotionEasy should know better! You wanna use music? you gotta credit the author!

Shame on Envato for letting this travesty go on for so long!

@intermedia4web, since so many Elements authors don’t play by the rules and seem to lack respect for music authors as well as for their customers, you will have to either contact the template author to ask them directly, or go to the Videohive version of the template where the music is usually properly credited and linked to.

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Hi, everyone, @PurpleFog you’re right, my wrong I didn’t add extra information for Elements. I did already added in Videhive description, you can look ( I wrote to Elements support for “please add a link or button for the original post”. But not resolved.
@intermedia4web I’m sorry again and I now adding for Elements description.

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Thanks for addressing this issue. The problem is not with you specifically, most video templates on Elements do not credit the music at all.

For some sinister reasons, Elements does not allow to put links, especially towards the marketplaces. Thus, the official policy is to write in plain text the name of the music item and author in the description, so as not to breach the terms allowing Envato authors to use other author’s items in their own preview. Although it’s pretty clear Envato staff seem reluctant to enforce it, or even encouraging it for that matter.

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Thank you both for your replies. I agree it is a shame that Envato Elements doesn’t make it easier for authors to referrence music with links to source. Especially since there are competing services at the same monthly price point, like Motion Array whose video templates always reference music with links. I just started using both Elements and Motion Array and because of this M.A. fits better in my workflow.