Locating an audio track from a Video template in Envato Elements

I’ve downloaded a video template from Envato Elements but would like to have the corresponding music track used in the preview. Back in the day, the track would be listed so it could be found on AudioJungle… it looks like that functionality has disappeared. Does anyone know how I could find the track used on this? Typo Intro - Modern Intro, Openers ft. fashion & future - Envato Elements

I think it’s this one: Upbeat & Energetic Sport Motivational Pop, Music | AudioJungle

@BenLeong , @kingdog, it’s quite about time you adress this linking “issue”, ain’t it? What a…


You’re a diamond @WormwooodMusic, thanks so much :)… spent an hour and a half trying to find this yesterday. Would be great if they could include linking functionality back on the site.

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The template author has an obligation to credit the music (even if direct links are prohibited) you should let that author know how happy you were to have to waste your time like that.

Envato deliberately chose to ignore us music authors, maybe they’ll listen to their customers more?

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