Are there any video templates with music included?

Hi, I’m new to here so I’ve got a quick clarifying question:

  1. I downloaded a video template that had music when watched on www preview, but after opening in Premiere Pro there is message ‘Media pending’ on the screen and no music.

1a) Is this normal or a bug?

1b) If normal, are there any video templates with music included in the dowload file? Frankly, I would prefer those rather than ones asking me to waste time looking for that audio track…

1c) If there are such templates, how do you find out which template has the music included before downloading?

Thanks :slight_smile:


A) Normal

B) There are some as far as I’m aware, but they are VERY rare.

C) It will specifically say in the preview video or the description of the item that the music is included.

All items that use watermarked music from Envato should include a link to the music which is usually always the case on VideoHive but not always the case on Elements. If you’re looking at items on Elements and the music isn’t credited, you can always search for the template by name on VideoHive… and there should ve a link to the music in the description.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

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