I want to buy music for project


I have a project after effect.

I buy it on https://elements.envato.com/video-templates

Now,i want to buy music same demo preview

How i can?

Change the link, that one is for the Element main page, please.
So we can help you.

i dont understand,
how i do?


The name of the author and title of the music should be written in the description of the video template you’ve downloaded, as this is a requirement for video authors to be able to use music items.

If you do have that name and title you can then search for these on https://audiojungle.net/.

If no information about music was provided, you should contact the video template author or Elements support and ask for this information that is supposedly mandatory. Another possibility would be to give us a link to the said template in this thread and hope a music author would be able to recognize it and direct you to it.

Hope you find what you’re looking for!

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I want to buy music same preview but i dont know this link

Help me,

How i can connect video template author?

You should ask @VProxy what the music is and where to find it. You should also remind them what the requirements are for using previews from AJ!! Crediting the music is not optional!!

It seems you can’t do it directly on the Elements platform. You’d have to go through their Videohive profile (though you’d have to be logged-in). If they don’t respond you should contact Elements support.

How i can connect @Vproxy?

I am asking him for the link, waiting for response.

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here is their twitter: https://twitter.com/vproxy

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Many Thanks :slight_smile:


The author was credited and music linked to on the Videohive page. Its crazy that this info is not available in Elements…


I dont know why info is not available in Elements…
If have all info music for project, it is great :slight_smile: