When I purchased the package, the $ 66 amount was deducted and my account stopped completely to buy

When I purchased the “Hotel WordPress Theme | Hotel WP” package, the $ 66 amount was deducted and my account stopped completely to buy and I am a web developer and I have a deadline for delivery.
I was asked by my bank that I had been told, it was $ 66
Now, I want to run my account and download the purchased package

You should contact envato support.

Actually, communication has been and not answer

Please hang tight they normally reply within 24 hours. we hope that you will hear from them soon!

I had a big problem with my client to deliver the project

My profile is locked!!!

How can i found my profile?

I new user with this site and i buy them and found not nice and go to buy other them you block stop 66$ and block my account l donot know why that!!


How are you going to help egycsweb access and use ‘Hotel WordPress Theme’ without him having to pay an additional amount of money on top of what he has already paid? I would wait for support to get back to you… they usually work Australian business hours, so will be back in action in around six hours or so.


So rather than paying $66, he’ll be paying $132 plus a fee for your service? Sure, that’ll probably get the job done… but I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that he wants to get his WordPress theme for the $66 he originally paid for it… without having to pay $132+ when there should be no reason for him to do so.

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Hi @egycsweb

We a ThimPress, the author of the Hotel WP theme and we are happy to assist you with any theme-related issue.

However, as you mentioned the $66 amount was deducted and your account stopped completely, this could be an issue with Envato’s system.

Therefore, it is our recommendation that you contact Envato’s support here to fix the issue with your account: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us



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