Having problem with envato market billing and customer support is not helping

My associate recently purchased a woocommerce theme only to find out it was a html template, we requested for a refund and it was granted , the amount is in the account’s balance now. It was $19 and we decided to buy a new theme that costs $25 , during the purchasing process we were required to deposit another $20 instead of simply paying the balance , we contacted support but the reply are still generic saying we must pay another $20 , this is very unfair and understandable , so what happens to the $19 refund , is it lost? Please can someone here help , because the customer support staff don’t seem to understand the issue .

It sounds weird. You have stated that you have purchase HTML template and requested for refund but I don’t think it’d be possible to purchase wooCommerce theme for 25$ ( correct me if I’m wrong - I hope the price is not correct )

You should have requested during the refund process that you’d like to be refunded to your bank account / credit card
At this point, there’s nothing you can do. You need to deposit 20$ and you could use it for later purchases

there is a $25 theme , boutique ,so have the first amount been lost? because I doubt the refund process involved choosing where to send the money

Usually it’s refunded the same way it was deposited (not always) i.e. By card or via deposit.

Unfortunately the minimum deposit has always been $20 so the 19 will count towards the extra needed to reach 25 (maybe more depending on where you are based and VAT etc) but yes you will likely be left with some amount of excess but less than 19

Yes , thats why we are trying to top up to reach the deposit, and that’s not possible, from what I hear

Not to exactly $25. You will need to add $20 so will end up with $39 and from that purchase the new item

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I understand now , but to be honest , in all my years of purchasing online this is the weirdest thing I have ever seen , I purchase a lot of themes and plugins for my clients and started trying your system and I must say, this system should be fixed , and buyers should be able to simply top up their balances and make purchases, this is 2017 there are markets that had this over a decade ago, I’m really disappointed , but the community is great and thanks for all your help

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