just bought the churchy template for our church, but were not receiving the support we’d like in order to get the template looking like the template demo. How do we request a refund? We even paid extra for an entire year of support


Check this out–>


Maybe better solution is to hire somebody to help you with setup.


Why would they spend more money hire someone when they already paid for support they aren’t receiving?

They should get a refund and find a template and support from a developer that actually supports his items.


You have to read the documentation to make it look like in the demo.

Moreover, support doesn’t mean the seller is your personal slave.

There’s always the option to hire someone through envato studio to make it look like in the demo.


As written below, support doesnt mean setup and customisation. Once the customer cant make setup by his own (knowledge), he should hire someone who can. If your car needs service, you also dont go to reseller and ask for money back :slightly_smiling:


Any developer worth his salt will help a buyer setup the theme look like the demo, especially if they actually paid for that scam extra support option.


Look Im not here to judge or look for pros and cons, but I cant imagine to make Low cost, but High quality product and then setup every sale (which sometimes means hundreds to thousands).

To build good wp template takes hundreds hours of work, and that is I think enough offer for $49 sale.

Everybody can find the professional web developers and pay $500 - $5000 for web suited for his needs. Buy theme for $50 and hire someone to setup it for another $50 is still good deal I think.

Enjoy you weekend :sunny:

  1. It is totally optional since it is not included in the support as defined on the item page before purchase

Extra support option is envato’s idea and not the authors or buyers have influence on that.


the documentation doesnt include the info required to make it look like the demo and the theme is not working as intended


it doesnt include any on how to do that


Theme authors does not provide the demo content instalation file? Almost all of theme I have bought on TF does. And it is quite a lot of :slightly_smiling:


Also maybe you should be more patient and wait a while, I think the support response will come, it use to take one to two days if they have a lot of requests. And it is weekned now.


we’ve been waiting a week and a half now


Ok understand, thats not so good… Nad sure theres no .xml file for demo setup in your download?


dont see one, and the docs are telling me to get one from themeforrest but im not seeing it


It is probably inside the downloads… Hard to say if I dont see what you have…


Is this regarding the Joomla Template on Themeforest?

That’s the only theme on TF called ‘churchy’

Themes are required to have Documentation.

You may need to look further in the files.


lhbcryan did you send a support request here:


hi @Graphic-Studio, indeed what a lot of guys here do not like is that a lot of buyers do buy some things without paying attention and they call for a refund or these sorts of things without they even had a look to documentation or without they have even tried to contact the concerned guy for help. this is a digital markt here and once an item is bought the guy who bought has it for good , this is easy after that to call for a refund and get money back and to keep the good and do whatever they like with it afterwards …