Refund for deleted theme?

I just had money deducted from my account as a refund (which I did not process, neither there was any notification) for a theme that was deleted from our portfolio more than a year ago. Is it a normal practice? I always thought we had the right to remove products from the portfolio, but it seems anyone can request a refund based on that reason and we have to pay for it?

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I thought that was also not the case if it was that long ago.

I’d be very interested to know if it is because that owuld entitle us to a huge rebate.

Unfortunately I image that this was an oversight.

I am also very curious about your situation.
Please contact Envato support about it and let us know what they say?

@baileyherbert @charlie4282 Already submitted the ticket and will post an update once official response is in :slight_smile:

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Refund process is working like a “charm” :?

@charlie4282 @baileyherbert @ki-themes Just got an official reply on this particulate case. As support explained, there was an unauthorized purchase report and Envato did not receive any payment, buyer’s account & access to the item has been disabled. In the past the loss would have been absorbed by Envato while we would still receive the sale, but now there is an automated system around reversals and adjustments occurred on seller’s (in this case ours) statement.

So generally it seems we are on the safe side here, it was just a bit surprising that it happened with the item removed from sale long time ago.

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As a result, you got paid for the amount?

So it was a reversal, not a refund? Seems strange that it was from a year ago though… most chargebacks and reversals have a 180 day limit.

As a result, money was deducted from our account :smile: like a standard refund process.

It appears as a refund in the statement, not a reversal. I have asked Envato support to further clarify how is this possible after such a long time.

The reply you got applies to reversals rather than refunds, although I guess it’s possible they got a bit confused and sent out the wrong info. It would say ‘reversal’ on your statement if it was, and ‘refund’ if it was requested by the buyer and then approved by Envato.