Sale Refund, Envato can you please explain.

I have got “Sale Refund” for the item i removed 5 months ago.

How is it possible? Envato can you please explain.

Thank you

hi, i think that it doesn’t have anything to do , but this whole story is weird however , maybe u should contact the help center directly :wink:

The most likely reason is that the buyer went back to Paypal / their card provider and put a chargeback on the item, Envato then has the money taken back from them and they then have to take it back from you.

Unfortunately not a lot you can do in these cases as it goes above Envato but fortunately it will be a rare occurrence.

Gareth’s right, but in such instances it should say sale reversal rather than refund. In theory, a refund should only show up if Envato themselves have refunded the money to the customer. It’s possible the customer bought the theme, but didn’t download it… which I think, according to the rules, is the only valid reason for a refund this far down the line.

I thought that’s normally only within 5 days @SpaceStockFootage but I can’t find 100% proof from it…

Here you go…

If it;s removed within five days of buying and/or hasn’t yet been downloaded… then they can get in touch with support to ask for a refund. Doesn’t automatically mean they’ll get one, sure, but it sounds like they’re likely to. In this instance, seeing the item was removed from the marketplace, one or both could have applied.

Today I got refund without any email :open_mouth: And this was my new item. I don’t know why this happen! buyer from Germany.

Few days ago, I also got reversal, :open_mouth: Although product was purchase 2 month ago… buyer from Mexico. Its really worried me. :frowning: