Refunds & Sale reversal


I see 3 reversal under my statements. I refused all those 3 refunds, because the were unreasonable requests such as:

  1. “Because this theme is not fit for our client, we can’t use it on our product, please help us refund it , thank you.”
    — funny…

  2. “Hello, I am requesting a refund for this theme. The theme doesn’t work with the WooCommerce Easy Booking plugin…”
    — (must it fit to all plugin over there?)

  3. "It comes with a malware, website is compromised within 2 days of installation. "
    — nonsense

Arise a question what “refund” button reason if my refusal is ignored and Envato reverse sale in anyway?


If they went the - other way - credit card or paypal, Envato then revers automatically yo u


Envato didn’t reverse the sale. The credit card company, or Paypal, reversed the sale… which the buyer will have requested them to do. The money is taken from Envato automatically, they have no option to refuse it or decline the reversal.


I thought authors were protected for these kind of problems. I believe there’s something else because of the refund process takes at least 1-2 weeks