Refund request for an item purchased 11 YEARS ago.

So, today I received a refund request for an item that was purchased in May 2011. I’m wondering what these people think and do the really expect a refund when they make such requests?

What’s your opinion on this guys?

We get that kind of requests once in a while too. I don’t think there’s an actual reason behind it, other than them trying to get some of their money back. They probably do that to every Item that they’re not using anymore. If it works, it works, if it doesn’t, then they don’t have to lose anything. Decline & move on. :slight_smile:

I got some those as well. They all seem to be “let’s try and see if I can score a refund”. None come up with even the slightest thing as a legitimate reason. I usually let author support know about these in case that certain individual does this with multiple accounts.

What’s the reason for the refund? :slight_smile:

The theme has been removed from sale more than 6 years ago so the user claims he lost “his investment”, lol.

Has it taken them 6 years to notice it’s not there?

They agreed to T&Cs that do not guarantee the lifespan of items - (like you need a reason!), end of discussion.

Weird! So what next? Just curious to know. Does envato have a say in this? What stance would they take? Will they insist that you refund? Or would you have the freedom to right royally reject it? Please let us know the outcome.

Point 20 - C

They agreed to these terms and conditions - there’s nothing to discuss.

Just click on “Decline Refund” button!