The refund period

Today I received a request for a refund, I did not look at it properly, and generally approved it. Then I look, it turned out that the product was bought by a client two years ago))) May be worthwhile to add to the policy a period at the end of which is not possible to make a refund request, as is done in Steam for example.

Hello @Avirtum

Nice questions, There is no control on that, Buyer can open refund request anytime, You can reject refund request if it after 30 days

I think it should be 10 days limit

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Next time I will be more attentive )))

Hello @Avirtum @Enabled @KingDog @matthewcoxy

There should be period limit for refund, Envato should change themeforest refund policy

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Agree with you

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Right but more authors need to tell them about this so they can change, you and me can’t do anything :smiley:

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I had a customer I talked to a few months back. He said he had a lot of my products, including a few he hasn’t even downloaded. I asked he him to get a refund request if he’s not using them, just to be a nice guy. Turned out, after checking his “stash”, he only had 1 product, purchased 2 years ago, never downloaded. Eventually he decided to keep it all, because he likes it, lol! In any case, see my point?

Now, take this scenario. Let’s say the guy would’ve gotten a WP theme, downloads it after 2 years, it doesn’t work. Is he entitled to a refund or not? :slight_smile:

It’s impossible to limit the time of refunds, since you cannot force a customer to purchase a product now and use it now.

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Hello @Enabled

Thanks for your reply, We also given refund to buyers as a good guy.

Buy How author can get he downloaded or not and used our product or not. They purchase theme use for client and after 1 year ask for refund and says product not working. Is that not possible?

There should at least limit for that type of buyers.

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The “limit” for buyers trying to game the system by asking for refunds after downloading the products and years passed, is the “Reject Refund” button.

Implementing such a system isn’t necessary guys. Buyers that are well intended will purchase products and use them correctly, those who try to game authors, there’s the Reject Button.

Take into account the fact that the number of actual buyers that are ill intentioned is so small you can probably fill them on a few hands, when the actual number of legitimate buyers is in the millions. The contingency for those ill intentioned buyers is always the Reject Refund button and to contact support just like buyers can do the same for Authors with ill intentions.

No need to worries. Both Buyers and Authors are covered by support and the current system.

Cheers mate! :slight_smile:

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