Refund on recent purchase?

I recently (1 hour ago) purchased a Theme ($44), didn’t realize most the demo (home page at least) was created using Revolution Slider, nor did the Theme Options give me some basic functionality I was looking for.

Is it possible to get a refund for my purchase?

If so, what’s the best route to go about doing that?
If not, I’m assuming it was clearly stated in the TOS and I’m just out of luck… and if that’s the case, anyone want the theme as I have no need for it now :confused:

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Technically mistaken purchase when the item is not broken would not warrant a refund but you could reach out to the author or support and see if they can help. Envato Help & Support Center

One thing to avoid is giving away or reselling the theme - that would be very not allowed irrelevant of if you charge someone or give it for free.

Hey Charlie,

Thanks for your response I ended up finding the page for a Refund request (with the help of Google) and working out if a refund would be okay with the developer right now, so hopefully they allow it but as you said, it’s not like it’s broken so they didn’t do anything wrong (I just didn’t realize the key part of the Theme I liked was done via Revolution Slider which I’m trying to avoid using).

And thanks for the tip on giving away the Theme, didn’t realize that but it does make sense. Thanks again Charlie, appreciate your response!

@charlie4282 is spot on.

Also as an aside, I know that the Theme Authors are typically much more inclined to give a refund for mistaken purchases if the item hasn’t actually been downloaded from the site yet :slight_smile: