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Hi there, quick question:

I’m a “long-term” customer of Envato/Themeforest, spending around €200,- a month for the past couple of years.
When spending some time on a platform, once in a while something happens unintentionally. That was the case today as well. I wanted to purchase The7 theme, but somehow also purchased a medical theme from WPBingo as well.
I have no business in medicine whatsoever, and have no need for the theme. It ended up in our cart on accident.

Immediatly after we finished the Skrill payment I noticed the weird extra Theme name on the invoice page. It was a pretty expensive theme a well at $50,-. So I contacted the author WPBingo and explained the situation.

This is what I got:
“Thank you for your message. Unfortunately we will not refund your purchase. If you want refund, try getting it from Envato Helpdesk”.

I know that they can refund the purchase themselves. They now try to make getting the refund harder, but by doing this they also put more pressure on the Envato Helpdesk. And they are already super busy the past couple of weeks.

So my question is: A: can they (try to) keep the cash? (In Europe there’s a law protecting consumers from situations like these. We can ask for a refund without question within 14 days - except for consumables or wearables).
B: Why would an author do this to begin with?

We did purchase the theme ourselves I guess. So that not that clever. But we were in a rush working with some closing deadlines. Things happen.

I just can’t wrap my head around the way WPBingo handles this. What can we do to get that refund?

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with this. The only solution here is indeed to go through Envato’s support channel, it will definitely not more than a few days considering you are eligible ( Refund Policy ),

I am from Europe as well and I can confirm this doesn’t apply to digital goods that have been used / downloaded or have had the licenses activated.

It’s shameful, but some authors are not up to date with the ( Refund Policy ) which clearly states that if the buyer has not downloaded the item a refund must be provided.

In this case, the easiest outcome is to send a ticket to Envato Support. Envato Market Help and Support. They will definitely help you out in the shortest time (usually less than 24-48 hours)

Cheers! :slight_smile:

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