I bought a web template and have customer support. The web template is broken and I can't get help.

Envato’s current state is disappointing. I recently bought a product with support, but I’m frustrated as I can’t seem to get assistance in fixing their flawed web template. Additionally, I’m encountering difficulties in initiating a refund dispute. This situation is increasingly resembling a scam. I’ve been a paying customer for your services for years, and while it’s commendable for downloading artwork, the lack of support is disheartening. How can I go about obtaining a refund for a product that supposedly includes free support but fails to deliver on that promise?

It’s very difficult to advise without context on the issues etc. but as far as refunds go if the author doesn’t respond after a period of time then you can escalate it to envato.

What’s the issue you are having initiating a refund request?

Can I get a refund

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I purchased a web theme from the marketplace and had to spend $160 to address a core bug in the web template—an issue that should have been resolved by the author at no additional cost. Unfortunately, despite attempts to contact the author, there was no response. To make matters worse, my request for a refund through Envato went unanswered, and now it is deemed ineligible for a refund. This entire business transaction has been incredibly frustrating. It seems unfair that the author can continue to sell items on your platform without fulfilling their end of the agreement. You can find the theme I initially received, before purchasing it on the marketplace site, at this link: GivingWalk – Multipurpose Nonprofit WP Theme, WordPress - Envato Elements

It stated that it’s compatible versions:

  • Compatible Versions

Tested up to version 5.1

If you’re trying to install the theme on a newer version, it’s possible that you may have some issues.

Yes, the issue was in the EF4-Framework. When that plugin was inactive, all Stripe donations went through just fine. The EF4-Framework plugin had an outdated copy of the Stripe API. Just needed them to provide an updated version of that.

On Envato Elements (which I assume this is where you got it from) then updates by authors don’t always be there.

Go here:

To see if the updates have been put in place.

Sadly, or regrettably, what people need to understand is that sometimes plugins for one reason or another may not always be maintained or work as they should do.

@ki-themes might be able to offer more advice than I can, or help. He understands and uses Wordpress more than I do.

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Initially, I downloaded the plugin from there and later purchased it to access all updates and support. However, I’ve encountered a situation where neither updates nor support has been provided. While I recognize that updates and support may not always be guaranteed, it’s crucial for Envato to ensure clear communication, holding authors accountable for what they offer. In this instance, the sales pitch for the product still indicated active support. If support is no longer available, two actions need to be taken: firstly, remove the sales pitch implying support inclusion, and secondly, clearly state that support is not included.

@123Simples It seems @jcmsupermuenz has already figured out the problem, at this point there’s not much things to offer/suggest but provide a modification/update for the item.